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What is microfiber skin?

Release time:2020-05-08 Source:Yishang leather

Superfine fiber is the abbreviation of superfine fiber PU synthetic leather. It is a kind of non-woven fabric with three-dimensional structure network made of superfine fiber short fiber by carding and needling. After the wet processing, the PU resin is soaked, alkali is reduced, and the leather is finally made of superfine fiber leather.
Microfiber leather is a kind of regenerated leather, which is softer than leather. It belongs to a new type of leather material. Because of its wear-resistant, cold resistant, breathable, aging resistant, soft texture, environmental protection and beautiful appearance, it has become the best alternative to natural leather.
Microfiber has a wide range of applications. It has superior physical properties and a stable surface, which makes it almost replace leather. It is widely used in clothing coats, furniture sofas, upholstery bags, gloves, car seats, car interiors, photo albums, notebook skins, electronic product protective covers and daily necessities.
Expansion information:
The full name of microfiber leather is "Microfiber Reinforced PU leather", which is based on the basic cloth composed of microfiber, coated with PU coating. It has extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent cold resistance, air permeability and aging resistance. In terms of providing superfine fiber surface coating, Bayer, BASF and Huntsman have world-class production capacity, while the textile fiber suppliers represented by Dongli and Xu have high product technology.